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Cloud Mercia Disclosure Checklists

The intelligent choice to ensure compliance

Using Mercia's methodology, CaseWare Cloud’s Disclosure Checklist offers you the ability to eradicate risks and errors from your accounts, ensuring a quality assurance process to your financial reporting. This must have cloud tool can be used as a standalone product or integrated as part of a wider practice suite.

Key Benefits

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Checklists can be accessed anywhere, on any device

Checklist types

Checklist Types

All entity type checklists are in the same template. No need to create new files if wrong checklist type is used or entity size changes 



Checklists are updated automatically keeping them up to date whilst reducing IT administration requirements

Key Features

authoritative references

Authoritative References

Authoritative References intelligently optimises relevant section of the standard being used, company act section or any other relevant legislation

Reviwer tools

Reviewer Tools


  • Hidden procedures
  • Non optimal answers
  • Responses to questions after signing them off
  • Outstanding questions in each section
one click

One Click Responses

One click responses clearly highlights the selected response to users

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Completed on any device, from anywhere, the interactive checklists
enable you to tailor your audit according to the identified risks.
The software takes you through a set of tailoring questions which,
when completed, eliminates unnecessary disclosure questions later
in the checklists. This streamlines the process, ensuring your accounts
leave your office error-free, saving you time and money.

The cloud-based software contains the following accounts checklists:

  • Corporate entities reporting under FRS 105, 102, 101 & IFRS

  • LLP entities reporting under FRS 105, 102 & 101

  • Charity entities preparing accounts on an Accruals or Receipts and payments basis

  • Pension schemes 
Entity selector

Why the Cloud?

Cloud technology is changing accounting software and how accountants are working. Cloud platforms make data and software accessible from anywhere, anytime from any device without a need for a central hub. 

Promoting greater collaboration is clearly key for accounting firms looking to impress prospects or retain clients, and the cloud has great advantages when it comes to promoting real-time collaboration, by allowing firms to review, comment on and sign off files at the same time.

CaseWare's Cloud platform allow sensitive data to be transferred securely online through cloud-based add-on tools - essential in this post GDPR world.

Discover how you can streamline your processes, ensuring your accounts leave your office error-free, saving you time and money using the form below.

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