Book a place on our free seminar to discover Efficient Financial Reporting and Paperless Audit, as well as an introduction to our new Cloud based practice management tools.

Discover how AccountsAdvanced will give you more than just a new set of accounting standards with automated features designed to streamline the product of final accounts as well as learning how you can conduct shorter, faster, risk focused audits with the next generation of audit software CaseWare AuditAdvanced.

During the seminar we will demonstrate how you can plan and conduct audits faster, with confidence that you have full control over sign-off and completions with a clear view of the complete audit trail.

We will also show you SmartSync, the tool which enables users to work simultaneously on the same file in real time from any location using the web, along with CaseWare Collaborate, our client collaboration portal and Practice Window amongst other things.

Available Sessions: 2hr session including Q&A 


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