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File Sharing

Secure File Transfer

Please note that we take security very seriously at CaseWare and would strongly recommend using our Citrix ShareFile service.

Citrix ShareFile provides a simple way of transferring large files and sensitive data, securely and quickly to allow the secure upload and download of CaseWare files and other confidential documents. ShareFile offers encryption, strong passwords and the control of access to specified directories that you do not get with email.  We strongly recommend using our ShareFile services to transfer files to and from our Technical Support team.

ShareFile is now a Citrix owned company and all servers and backup servers reside within the EU. To comply with Data Protection all files older than 8 days will be automatically deleted.

Both users and super users will be set up on ShareFile unless otherwise instructed by you. Once your account has been activated, you will receive an automated email with a user ID and password.

Please click here for further guidance on using ShareFile, or watch the video below.