An Accountancy Practitioner's Guide to Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital represents the biggest change to the UK’s tax system in 20 years – and while HMRC is keen to stress that the new system will make things more effective, efficient and easier for taxpayers, many taxpayers and accountancy practices alike are still sceptical regarding the transition.

Though many are dissuaded by the MTD initiative, it also offers a number of lucrative opportunities and possibilities for accountancy practices. So in order for accountants and accountancy firms to continue providing excellent service during, throughout and after the transitionary phase – and capitalise on the new opportunities MTD presents, they need to be thoroughly prepared.

This eBook will help you understand:

  • What ‘going digital’ really means for you and your clients
  • Why the segmenting your client base is a critical first step
  • How MTD can help you develop more valuable relationships with your clients
  • Why you need to engage your clients now

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