The Challenges of IFRS Reporting

For annual periods starting on or after 1st January 2019, IFRS reporters must comply with up to 41 standards. 

Some are not relevant to unlisted entities, others are so specific, that they are not applicable to most reporters.  However, regardless of how many of the 41 IFRS standards a company must apply, there are likely to be a number of challenges in reporting for IFRS entities. Challenges that Caseware will help to overcome.

In this eBook, we consider a number of difficulties that users may face in the preparation of IFRS financial statements and explain how Caseware can help. In this eBook we cover;

  • Presentation of financial statements
  • Disclosure notes
  • Disclosures when there is accounting policy choice
  • Fair value disclosures
  • Additional disclosures
  • New standards
  • Ongoing challenges

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