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Point & Click Analytics

The powerful, simple to use and cost effective tool to greatly improve efficiency, identify audit risk and add value to your client work. 

CaseWare's Point & Click Analytics is the most intuitive tool on the market. Designed to improve efficiency, enhance equality and add value, CaseWare Analytics can help you drive more value out of your audit projects. With built in validations and pre-defined tests covering analytical, sampling and process investigations, the tool quickly identifies risks and errors and supports fraud investigation work. This ensures the minimum amount of work to achieve the maximum result. 


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Data Acquisition
Extract, import and
transport your data

Prepare & Simplify
Cleanse, combine, format, verify
and secure data

Point & Click
Rapidly focus on the results of your data by using "point & click" tests. 

Visualise & Interpret

Gain valuable insights by comparing data, finding anomolies and discovering trends and patterns
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Increase Efficiency
Work more efficiently and have more
time to take on additional client work
Risk Mitigation
Highlights exceptions, improving
quality and reducing audit risk

Collaborate & Innovate
Streamline the review and approval process with ongoing, real-time dialogue. Create and share documents with clients for true collaboration. 


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Pre-defined tests
Over 200 tests to analyse audit data and identify any activity that sits outside your expected parameters. 
  Interactive graphs
Visually demonstrates and compares results using side by side graphs. Dig deeper into your data with our drilldown capabilities. 
  Export & embed results
Effortlessly extract data from any report and embed a CSV or Excel of results directly into the file. Results can also be exported into CaseWare Working Papers.

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