Understanding Technology Attitudes within UK Finance Professionals 

Technology is changing finance.

Increased automation is removing dull day-to-day tasks. Cloud software is breaking down barriers, making it easier for teams and clients to work together. And developing technology like AI and machine learning is changing how decisions are being made.

But while the technology is changing at a rapid pace, are corporate departments or accounting practices keeping up? Or are finance teams being left behind in the technology revolution?

This research report – based on the opinions of more than 1,000 UK finance professionals – investigates whether teams are ready and committed to change, whether they are aware of the new opportunities open to them through technology, and whether the pace that new technology is being adopted is creating optimism or increasing concern.

Can finance professionals get the most out of industry technology such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and perhaps more importantly, are they willing to do so?

Our market research report explores:

  • The adoption of cloud computing and whether it is changing the way modern day finance professionals operate.
  • Finance professional’s willingness and urgency to invest in the latest accounting software.
  • How important is automation and is there a demand amongst finance professionals to see more automation software being introduced into their working lives?
  • Is there concern that technology will put jobs at risk or provide greater opportunity?
  • What are the technologies that are seen as unnecessary or complicated to use?

We also identify how attitudes to technology are changing through the years, comparing these new results to those results gathered from our 2017 research - Understanding Attitudes in the Accountancy Profession.