The intelligent choice for client collaboration 

Collaboration between your staff and clients can reach new levels of efficiency and productivity thanks to CaseWare Xtend. Communicate with clients using intelligent questionnaires easily and securely. With the ability to send and manage multiple requests our centralised file management system provides a single location for all your client data and files with bank level security built in.


Streamline time consuming work, enhance data security and create greater relationships between staff and clients

CaseWare Xtend - query screenshots

Key benefits

 Tailorable Requests Email Efficiency1 Intelligent Templates
Tailorable Requests Email Efficiency  Intelligent Templates
 Create your own information requests and save them as a firm template Removes the requirement to send multiple emails requesting further information  Intelligently tailors questions a user sees and removes irrelevant questions
Information Tracking Information Storage
Information Tracking Information Storage
Staff can easily identify areas of outstanding information without the large email threads   Using a centralised file management system documents can be filed within predetermined folders or saved into a CaseWare Working Papers file 

Key features 

Assignment to Contacts Query Dashboard Audit Trail
Assignment to Contacts Query Dashboard Audit Trail
Requests can be sent to as many contacts for each entity Monitor the progress of each information request, outstanding procedures and the response deadline  Each question answered provides date, time and name of individual who responded
Intelligent Questions Integration
Intelligent Questions Integration
Information request questions tailors the document on previous answers Documents can be saved into the document manager or dragged and dropped into the Working Papers file/engagement

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